Zonebox for Mac

Get more done by timeboxing your tasks

Task list

Write down tasks and estimate how much time they’ll take. Edit or reorder tasks at any time.

Global progress bar

Zonebox shows you small progress bar right under your Dock, so you can see how much time you have left.

Add/substract time

To change the estimate, you can simply click plus/minus buttons next to the timer to add or substract a couple of minutes.

Study mode

Need to focus on a book? Just enter the full-screen mode, and the only thing on your screen will be the Zonebox timer.


When your task is finished, Zonebox will alert you by changing color of the global bar, sound alert and a system notification.

Paste tasks

Take any list of things and simply paste them into Zonebox. You can also set the default time for new tasks.

"Zonebox helps you plan your day in the simplest way possible"